Welcome to the Sweetwater Camera Club!

The Sweetwater Camera Club is a Douglasville, Georgia-based group of photo enthusiasts founded in 1988. We host a wide variety of interesting, motivating, and educational monthly lectures, contests, critiques, field trips, workshops and exhibitions throughout the year. The purpose of the Sweetwater Camera Club is to share and promote photography for the visual education, enjoyment and recreation of all members.

If you would like to join or rejoin, please scroll to the bottom of this page for membership information and payment options.

MEETINGS: The Sweetwater Camera Club meets the second Thursday of every month at 7 PM at the Douglasville Conference Center, 6700 Church Street, Douglasville, GA 30134 unless a special event requires a different venue. Doors open at 6:00 PM. Meetings usually consist of some type of basic photography tutorial video or similar activity, then a business meeting of up to 45-50 minutes, possibly a lecture, a short break, a photo critique and the judging of the monthly photo contests. Each month that there is a guest presenter, up to one hour is spent on a lecture, demonstration or show.

CALENDAR: The 2nd Thursday  of every month, the SCC has its meeting.

SPEAKERS: The speaker for each monthly meeting will be published on our Meetup and Facebook sites and announced via e-mail. We don’t usually know who the presenter will be until shortly before our meetings so that information will not be posted here. If you would like to be a speaker or if you have questions, please send an email to SayCheese@nullSweetwaterCameraClub.org

SOCIAL MEDIA – Facebook and Meetup
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Sweetwater Camera Club Meetup Link: Visit the SCC Meetup site to see the list of upcoming Sweetwater Camera Club events: Field Trips, Photo Meetups, Educational Workshops, Critiques, Monthly Meetings, etc. You are not required to be a member to view and participate in most of our scheduled Meetups. 
Sweetwater Camera Club MeetupPlease visit http://www.meetup.com/Sweetwater-Camera-Club to join SCC Meetup.

MEETUP apps for your iPhone, iPad or your Android devices are available for free and will not only notify you of upcoming events, you can RSVP from your digital device. You will first need to have a Meet-up account for the Sweetwater Camera Club, which is free for the asking by clicking on the Meetup Icon above.

For a Meetup app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/meetup/id375990038?mt=8

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SCC FIELD TRIPS: The Sweetwater Camera Club hosts at least one and sometimes several photographic field trips each month for the purpose of educating and entertaining our members. Field trips are announced via email, on Facebook and on our Sweetwater Camera Club Meetup site.

FIELD TRIP LIABILITY RELEASE  (This is a mandatory contract): As a condition of membership with the Sweetwater Camera Club [“SCC”], and/or an attendee of our field trips whether a member or not, I agree to release from liability and to hold harmless Sweetwater Camera Club and its officers, agents, employees or assigns for any injury, including illness, accident, emergency and death, and for damage to or loss of personal property, including equipment, film, and memory cards, etc. while participating in any activities affiliated with Sweetwater Camera Club. This message has been posted as of January 1st, 2015.

To clarify, you do not have to be a member of the SCC to attend and participate in our field trips but by default you agree to release the Sweetwater Camera Club from all liability as listed above whether you agree verbally, or in writing or not.

Official SCC upcoming field trips are planned and announced by our Field Trip Chairperson via email and Meetup.

It is understood that if you do attend and participate in an SCC field trip, you accept all risk and responsibility for your well being and will do nothing to compromise the safety and well being of yourself or other guests. By attending any SCC field trip, you agree to hold harmless the SCC and any and all of its members and participants in the event of any misfortune that occurs to you or your family member or guest.

Each month the Sweetwater Camera Club hosts a photo critique and contest during the second half of the monthly club meeting. Each month’s topic is unique and covers both color and black & white (or monochrome) imagery. We also have a Field Trip category covering any images made during one of our many current field trips. The presenter for the monthly meeting usually critiques each image entered in the contest before deciding 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention placings in each category.

Our complete contest topic list (downloadable PDF file) for 2017-2018

3/2014 -2/2015 Contest Topics
Contest Rules

SCC PUBLICITY; Winning photographs are usually printed in the Chapel Hill News & Views monthly magazine on the Sweetwater Camera Club page in the photography section.


The SCC Winners and Featured Members pages and other publishing services are provided through the gracious generosity and at the convenience of the publicity committee whose primary mission is to advertise and market the Sweetwater Camera Club as a service and hobby club to the city of Douglasville, Douglas County and West Georgia communities. Selection and organization for publication of winning photographs and featured member photos are at the complete and final discretion of the SCC Publicity Chairperson who is charged with this mission.

Images to be published must always be in good taste, family-friendly without references to questionable content or activities. Images portraying or suggesting nudity, sexual attraction, unlawful activities, violence, inappropriate touching, obvious publicly controversial imagery and dangerous activities that might influence children or minors are forbidden. This list is not all-inclusive and may be incomplete. The rule is, if there is any question, the image will be left off the pages or not used for advertising the Sweetwater Camera Club.

This in no way affects the ranking of the image in the SCC contest for the month or for the yearly “Photographer of the Year” winner. Exclusion from our advertising activities in no way reflects badly upon the submitting photographer. Historically, image makers have always stretched the limits and boundaries of art. Our rules are there to protect our relationships with our media people as well as our club.  We ask that you consider and respect the legal protection of the club and its reputation and help us protect the magazine, news or other media outlets and their advertisers/supporters from complaints and/or legal action by the public. Image submissions may be cropped, lightened or darkened or altered by the Publicity Chairman to meet the page layout, makeup, composition and printer’s requirements.

FEATURED MEMBER PHOTOS: Once a month a current favored member is picked, by the president only, for consideration to have his or her work published on the “FEATURED MEMBERS PAGE” of the Chapel Hill News & Views.

Please Note: The monthly “Featured Member Photo” publicity page is not a “contest reject” page. When your work is considered, your submissions should be pictures that are not contest subjects. The rules of inclusion in our club publicity pages are the same as listed above. Contest participants and those submitting images for the Featured Members’ Page must be members in good standing with the Sweetwater Camera Club. If you would like to be considered as a “Featured Member” please submit your request to SayCheese@nullSweetwaterCameraClub.org.



SCC EXHIBITS: The Sweetwater Camera Club hosts several well-attended member photography exhibitions in and around Douglasville and Douglas County during each year. These critically acclaimed events provide an opportunity for our members to gain recognition for their visual artistry and craftsmanship. If you plan to participate you must be a current member.

For any upcoming exhibition, please download, print and fill out the SCC Exhibiting Photographer Agreement Form and the SCC Exhibiting Photographer Inventory Form. You must submit these forms at the time your images are delivered to the exhibition site. No photography submissions can be accepted for display without this accompanying paperwork.

SCC Exhibiting Photographer Agreement Form:
SCC Exhibiting Photographer Agreement
SCC Exhibiting Photographer Inventory Form:

SCC Guidelines for Pricing Your Work:

MEMBERSHIP: Our membership fees cover the calendar year, from January through December. A full year fee is charged throughout the year, no matter when you join. You may join the Sweetwater Camera Club in person using cash or check at any of our monthly meetings, which are held on the second Thursday of each month. You are encouraged to join On-Line using one of the PayPal buttons below. Once you join, please visit our Facebook page and Meetup page to register. Allow 48 hours after your social media request for administrative processing time.

January – December: Dues are for $30 per individual and $50 per couple (individual + significant other living at same address). Please note that we do not offer half-year discounts. Memberships expire each calendar year at 11:59:59 p.m. on December 31st.

SCC Single Membership $30

SCC Couple Membership $50

JANET NEWTON: President: janetnewton11@nullatt.net
JUDY BRUNER: Vice President: vicepresident@nullsweetwatercameraclub.org
SANDY BELK: Secretary: membership@nullsweetwatercameraclub.org
HOKE SMITH: Technology and Administrative Facilitator:
RANDY CORDELL: Treasurer: randycordell@nullbellsouth.net

GARY BOWLICK: Contest Chairman
with White Glove Committee: Lori Duke, Jeanne Walden and Kent McTyre
JANET NEWTON: Fieldtrip Chairperson: janetnewton11@nullatt.net
STELLA SPYROU: Director of Publications: stella.spyrou@nullgmail.com
DIANE YANCEY: Welcome Committee Chairperson

The document posted below is woefully out-of-date and is not correct or current in many ways. The SCC is constantly growing and changing. The document provided serves as an historical reference showing what the SCC used to be. Back then there were no digital cameras and the meeting dates and times were posted as part of the official documentation for the club.

Last known SCC Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and BylawsThese are not the rules and information the SCC operates under today. The SCC is NOT a federally regulated non-profit organization although it is registered with the State of Georgia as a non-profit in name only. In order for a current constitution to be provided, a “constitutional convention” made up of SCC officers could be called to create and ratify a current Constitution. Past attempts to rewrite or modify the SCC constitution and bylaws have not succeeded. A current SCC constitution would only be necessary and mandatory if the club members decided to move forward to become a 501(c)3 non-profit educational or a 501(c)6 recreational organization.

VOLUNTEERING: The Sweetwater Camera Club is an unpaid volunteer organization throughout. We appreciate the help, resources and many contributions throughout the year from our volunteers. If you would like to serve the club in any way, please don’t hesitate to let one of the officers know. The SCC President who is a member of all committees makes volunteer assignments where needed.

CONTACT US: SayCheese@nullSweetwaterCameraClub.org.