Upload SCC Featured Member Photos for Publication

You must be a current member of the SCC to have your images published.

Please read carefully: This page is not for Contest Winners. If you have been selected as a Featured Member, then please read on:

1. File Naming: Your file name should be: Your first initial, last name, underscore or dash, Name of picture, underscore or dash. Do not leave spaces in the name.
Naming Examples for Featured Member Photo Submissions: clayhue-cloudless-night.jpg jfuller-two-fawns-with-doe.jpg

2. Sizing: Please make your photo submissions about 1024 pixels on the longest side – tall or wide, at 72 pixels per inch (ppi).

3. Quality: Save your images as .jpg files using the highest quality settings. In Photoshop, 12 quality. In Irfanview, 100 quality.

4. No Copyright, Embedded Name or Time Stamps: Your submissions will only be used within the SCC website and as small printed pictures. Your name will accompany your picture. We ask that you not embellish your pictures with copyright, name or time stamps as this will make them unprintable.

5. You can upload one or several images at a time: More than one image can be uploaded at one time. Just click on the browse… button and select one image from your computer. Then click on the browse… button again and select another image from your computer and repeat. Then answer the math security question and click Submit.

Fields marked with a * are required.

Please follow the quidelines exactly as shown above!!